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LSU Sports Banquet - 2000

LSU Sports Banquet - 2000

54th Annual Sports Banquet

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Banquet2000B22.jpg (62256 bytes) Chapter President Jan Liuzza introduced the head table, then turned the mike over to Jim Hawthorne.  Jan returned at the end to pick door prize and raffle winners.
Banquet2000B1.jpg (38843 bytes) Jim Hawthorne, "The Voice of the Tigers" for over 20 years, was Master of Ceremonies.

(The photographer really messed up on this picture!)

Banquet2000B02.jpg (48270 bytes) The coaches gather their final thoughts before speaking to the packed house.
Banquet2000B03.jpg (59230 bytes) Dr. Jack Andonie, member of the LSU Board of Supervisors, that although LSU is already a Carnegie I research institution, the Board recently decided to raise admission standards.  LSU will become an elite (not elitist) school.
Banquet2000B04.jpg (61947 bytes) Chuck Zatarain, former President and current member of the Sugar Bowl Committee (and the only LSU grad to be President), said that last year's Sugar Bowl Basketball Classic, hosted by LSU, had the highest attendance for the Classic.  Chuck announced that LSU will host again this year and will play Oregon State.  The other game will be Florida vs. Tulane (Who do you root for in that game?)
Banquet2000B05.jpg (54958 bytes) Millie Guichard, Chapter Advisor, briefly listed the accomplishments of Chapter scholarship award recipients.  The list was amazing, but the one that sticks out was the 59 hours in one year earned by one of the scholars.  (Afterward, Jim Hawthorne said he crammed 4 years worth of college into 5 1/2 years!)
Banquet2000B06.jpg (45597 bytes) Millie congratulates an award winner.
(The program didn't have the recipient's names.  If you know their names please email me!)
Banquet2000B07.jpg (39737 bytes) Millie congratulates an another award winner.
Banquet2000B08.jpg (60660 bytes) Skip is greeted with a rousing standing ovation!
Banquet2000B09.jpg (60379 bytes) Coach Bertram tells the crowd to settle down or he'll turn the mike over to Gerry Dinardo.
Banquet2000B10.jpg (59721 bytes) The coach of the 2000 NCAA College World Series National Champions (5th National Championship in 10 years) relates a story of a childhood friend who saw recently after many years.  The guy was a successful businessman, but really wished he had pursued his musical career.  Coach told people to follow your dreams!
Banquet2000B11.jpg (59795 bytes) Coach Bertman explains the amazing journey to the National Championship
Banquet2000B12.jpg (60238 bytes) Skip tells John Brady that a tornado recently hit Starkville MS (Brady went to Grad. School at MSU) and made $1 million worth of improvements.
Banquet2000B13.jpg (57998 bytes) Another standing ovation for the Coach of the Year and Coach of the Decade!
Banquet2000B14.jpg (59827 bytes) Coach Brady discusses last season's success and his thoughts on the upcoming season.
Banquet2000B15.jpg (54317 bytes) John Brady tells the audience that when he brought his team into the New Orleans Arena to watch the game before the LSU game and the fans erupted, that it made a big impression on his kids.  He asked that the fans do it again.  He then announced that LSU has signed a three year contract with the Sugar Bowl to host the Basketball Classic.  The opponents are Oregon St, Miami and a team to be determined.
Banquet2000B16.jpg (56042 bytes) Jim Hawthorne introduces Nick Saban for the first time.
Banquet2000B17.jpg (64606 bytes) Coach Saban explains that he told his players to work hard, come to the game prepared and leave it all on the field.  If this is done, even if the scoreboard comes up short, the fans will appreciate the effort, and knowing that the players gave it their all, will support them.
Banquet2000B18.jpg (53361 bytes)
Banquet2000B19.jpg (54970 bytes) Mrs. Bertman tries to hide her excitement over Skip's pending retirement...or...maybe she just realized that the Skipper will be home trying to teach her the sign for "Get me a cigar".
Banquet2000B21.jpg (54458 bytes) Nick fields questions from the audience.
Banquet2000A31.jpg (50470 bytes) Former LSU football player Tommy Clapp tries to convince Nick Saban that he has one more year of eligibility left.
Banquet2000A32.jpg (51595 bytes) Former LSU football player Nicky Hazard gets broadcasting advice from Jim Hawthorne.
Banquet2000A30.jpg (52488 bytes) Ron and Jan Liuzza with Coach Saban.
Banquet2000A34.jpg (52043 bytes) Ron and Jan Liuzza with Coach Brady.
Banquet2000A37.jpg (53016 bytes) Ron and Jan Liuzza with Coach Bertman.
Banquet2000A35.jpg (46982 bytes) The Big Three LSU Coaches (Saban, Brady and Bertman)
Banquet2000A36.jpg (59181 bytes) One lucky kid!
Banquet2000A38.jpg (46646 bytes) The Dickson's with Coach Bertman.
Banquet2000A29.jpg (55142 bytes) Defensive coach Pete Jenkins didn't break the camera like he said he would.

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