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CCT Events

Pontiff Classic - Mar 2019

Check back later for more information.

CCT Meetings

The CCT Board meets at 6pm on the 4th Wednesday of the month at Deutsches Haus (off Airline in Metaire) and meetings are open to members and people interested in joining. The Haus usually offers a plate dinner for about $5. German beer will be available at a good price. Please contact us if you plan to attend in case of meeting date changes and so we can provide The Haus with a meal head count.

We also meet at Noon on "Tiger Tuesday" (which is EVERY Tuesday) at Mike Serio's Deli on St. Charles Ave 1 block off Canal St. near Common. Stop by and try the muffaletta that won the Bobby Flay Throwdown and talk about the Tigers!

CCT on Facebook

Get the latest information on CCT events by joining the Facebook group "Crescent City Tigers". Click here:

Other Events

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Text:ry again l Character:r Code:114
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Text:ess>Apache Character:e Code:101
Text:ss>Apache/ Character:s Code:115
Text:s>Apache/2 Character:s Code:115
Text:>Apache/2. Character:> Code:62
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Text:e/2.4.6 (C Character:e Code:101
Text:/2.4.6 (Ce Character:/ Code:47
Text:2.4.6 (Cen Character:2 Code:50
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Text:4.6 (CentO Character:4 Code:52
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Text:entOS) Ser Character:e Code:101
Text:ntOS) Serv Character:n Code:110
Text:tOS) Serve Character:t Code:116
Text:OS) Server Character:O Code:79
Text:S) Server Character:S Code:83
Text:) Server a Character:) Code:41
Text: Server at Character: Code:32
Text:Server at Character:S Code:83
Text:erver at w Character:e Code:101
Text:rver at ww Character:r Code:114
Text:ver at www Character:v Code:118
Text:er at www. Character:e Code:101
Text:r at www.l Character:r Code:114
Text: at www.ls Character: Code:32
Text:at www.lsu Character:a Code:97
Text:t www.lsus Character:t Code:116
Text: www.lsusp Character: Code:32
Text:www.lsuspo Character:w Code:119
Text:ww.lsuspor Character:w Code:119
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Text:usports.ne Character:u Code:117
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Text:ports.net Character:p Code:112
Text:orts.net P Character:o Code:111
Text:rts.net Po Character:r Code:114
Text:ts.net Por Character:t Code:116
Text:s.net Port Character:s Code:115
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